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it’s hard to be confident when you’re fully aware of the fact you’re ugly

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No no no no. You’re supposed to be stronger. You can’t cry over you’re problems again. No you can’t. If you have yo survive you have to be strong. You have to face everything with you’re head held high , a proud smile and a new glint in you’re eyes. You have to fight the problems and smile at the people who left you ,let them know you are stronger and back. That they could never break you. You have to be your own hero. You have to make darkness you’re best buddy and be happy with things not going you’re way. You will have to learn how to fall asleep with no tears and no blades cutting your wrists. You will have to survive not for anyone else but for yourself coz you will have to learn to love yourself and learn to embrace all feelings. You can’t show any weaknesses of yours. Its you’re time to shine and let the others know that now you have a light brighter than ever. That that small spark has now turned into a fire. You will have to get up, wipe your tears, fix your beautiful face and walk out like you just fought your biggest enemy and won the battle. You will have to walk like its your day to shine. No you’re not a loser. You’re the champion. You’re the one who can wipe your tears and fight the world and act like none of this has ever happened. You’re your own knite and your own dark horse. Its up to you to choose what you wanna be. Those people who cry themselves to sleep or those people who walk like the champions. You my love are the most important person to your parents and trust me when it comes to the world, no one gives a shit if you’re hungry, if you’re not able to sleep. Its your mom who calls you up and asks”Did you eat?”. Those people who you used to call your ‘BFF’ will not be there at 1 in the night when you’re burning with fever to put wet towels on your forehead. They will not be there to console you and accept you with whatever you do. But your parents will always be their. There won’t be anyone who will ever give you a better hug than your dad. There can never be a person on this earth who would sacrifice everything they ever had for you but your parents. You’re not alone fighting this battle. Turn around my friend and you will find your parents smiling a reassuring smile at you. And I can guarantee you that even if you lose this battle your parents will hold your hands and lift you out of that dark hole. So my friend. Get up, get stronger, get even and shine. Its your day today and it will be always.

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Vest ❤ liked on Polyvore (see more green waistcoats)
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